Honouring LIFE mentoring/coaching

Honouring LIFE


You may be at a stage in your life where you’re feeling deeply stuck, having reached the end of your path, a crossroads perhaps, where life is no longer emotionally sustainable and you have this uncomfortable emptiness in your body. 

And all you want is to be happy and fully alive.  

There are many who throng to the so-called prophets who promise a cheap kind of peace to troubled mankind. But such “masters” simply betray mankind by hiding from them the real cause of their anxiety, which lies in the desire for transformation inherent in their innermost being.

From Karlfried Graf Dürckheim

Sometimes, we go through moments in life where we need the presence of another to inquire, to explore a wider frame in which to become intimate with ourselves and our experience, to understand what is happening and to learn how to utilise it as a gateway towards your unfolding.   

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Gustav Jung

At other times, we just need meaningful conversations into the nature of whatever is going on for us, or to find ways to navigate through the external challenges or changes that we may be experiencing.

Honoring Life Coaching is a space where you can benefit from the healing power of relationship. A safe container which can reveal who you really are, embrace whatever challenges you are experiencing with compassion and access the inner clarity to guide you on your evolutionary path. Honoring Life Coaching is a restorative healing process that takes place when we truly see ourselves free from judgements in our reflections, when we are simply seen, heard, felt and ultimately met. There is hardly anything more helpful than this quality of presence.

As we are able to uncover more of what we really are, we may tap into an inner wisdom which provides answers and resources, helping us lay out ways in which to honour our life at its best.

Carl Jung said that in his therapeutic experience, the majority of suffering in adults was just a symptom arising as a result of their inability to deal with the major existential dilemmas of human life. 

If you are seeking to connect deeply with your innermost core, looking to find more meaning and peace in your life, wanting to metabolize your emotional entanglements, keen to explore limiting patterns of beliefs/behaviours,
Honoring Life Coaching is for you.