How I work

After our first contact, if you wish, we could arrange a first session of about 75 minutes in which to explore further what brought you into therapy, get background information of the issue/s, clarify expectations and establish boundaries of our working relationship. 

If at the end of this first session, we agree to work together, we would set times and frequency of the sessions. 

Subsequent sessions: 

I usually recommend we work within an initial block of 4 sessions so that we can have a sense of building something, see the results of our work and review how we are doing. We can then either agree on a new block of sessions and objectives, or release our work together for the time being. 

The approach I use depends on the nature of the issues presented, your selected choices and feedback. 

It’s understandable that when we come into a session, we may feel overwhelmed or anxious. When this is the case, we usually start our session with a time of grounding and settling, accessing our connection with resources that will enable us to gain control over our internal state and maximize the benefits of the session. 

From this more expanded space, we can be clearer in exploring what you want and with curiosity sense the authentic movements inside from which you can make supportive and empowering choices. 

We start our sessions with clarifying your heart’s desire, a conscious and clear identification on the issue you want to work on and your hopes for the session/s. 

As we seem to be very much conditioned by the state of our biology, I usually provide simple skills on how to find balance and regulate our nervous system in the middle of our daily life. 

Depending on the nature of the issue and the feedback provided by our interactions we will choose either a Somatic Experience (SE) approach, a combination of SE and Narm or a more eclectic model. 

Throughout our work together, I expect you to be always in charge of the process and choices and give me feedback when you may struggle to do that. 

I work with mindfully becoming embodied, curious and present to the experience in the here and now. 

Although tools may be helpful at some point, I don’t work with a “quick fix “approach. I believe in taking full responsibility for our condition as a pre-requisite. Our attempts to change and move too fast from where we are usually interfere with the curiosity, embodiment and organic, healing and intelligent process towards the restoration of our health and full potential. 

Contact me

    Free 15 minutes consultation

    Please send an email or a text to my mobile to make an initial contact.

    mobile: +44 7709 920940

    I provide face to face sessions and/or online therapy via Skype or Zoom

    Sessions needs to be paid in advance to proceed.

    (In some special circumstances like young people, unemployed etc we may discuss some possible concessions or rates)

    Should you need to cancel an appointment I ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice.

    If 24 hours notice is not given, the normal full charge will be made for the missed appointment. I will always try to reschedule sessions if possible.

    If you would like more information or to book a workshop, please contact me using the form. Alternatively, you can phone or email me using the details above.